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Understanding the exact customer's needs and providing products and services that full-fill these needs is in fact a mutually beneficial relationship between us and in Polymer Roshun we believe that this strategy will be the key to long-term engagement with our customers.


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Polymer Roshun is the largest manufacture of polyethylene structures in Iran and the Middle East

Polyethylene Manholes Superiority Over Concrete Manholes

Polyethylene Manholes Superiority Over Concrete Manholes Absence of sewage leak from polyethylene manholes compared to brick or concrete counterparts with concrete gutter due to concrete disintegration against chemicals and its little vulnerability during the passage of suspended particles in the sewage flow. Against chemical and sulfated materials in the groundwater, in places such as the south...

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Polymer Roshun Co. Products Technical Specifications

Used basic material: Grade 3840 Polyethylene (MDPE 3840UA). Place of basic material production: Tabriz Petrochemical Company. Properties: recyclable, high resilience due to compression of polymeric chains, high durability against most of the chemicals, containing anti-UV additives. Row Characteristics Standards Test conditions Value 1 Density ISIRI 7090-1 - 0.936-0.940 gr/10min 2 Circular...

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Hazards for Work in Manholes and Necessity of Paying Attention to Safety

Lack of attention to observance of safety tips on working inside manholes causes unfortunate incidents. While incidents could be prevented by having the appropriate equipment and being cautious. For instance, in two similar incidents in Azar and Dey of 1396 in Isfahan, 8 workers in total who were resolving congestion in the sewer network, due to lack of attention to these tips and not having the...

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Cement Core

In order to implement a cement core, a double-walled pipe could be directly used and have the two sides of the pipe shaped into a platform using cement. In this method, we slightly incline the two sides of the gutter towards the gutter so that the water would not accumulate on it. The Position of the Pipe Inside the Manhole Before Implementing the Cement Core Cemented Core Schematic

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