Rotational Molding or Rotary Molding

For producing relatively bigger and hollow plastic parts, Rotary Molding method currently used.

The molds made of iron or aluminum sheet are placed in the oven after being mounted on a rotary machine and start rotating in different directions and simultaneously heating.

Heat penetrates into the molds and causes the melting of the polyethylene powder on the molding surface. Finally, with the completion of the whole powder, the mold is removed from the oven and after cooling by opening the door, the shape of the mold part It leaves it.

Rotary devices are manufactured and used in different sizes and shapes according to the large size of the piece and the circulation.

The Rotary molding machines of Polymer Roshun Co. are using the technology of the Italian companies and are made of two-shaft revolving type, which guarantee the best quality with high uniformity in their own kind.

It should be noted that the more robust the rotary machine is and the stronger the automatic control system, the quality of the piece will be better and the effects of fragility or other weaknesses it will be less. Polymer Co., Ltd. is proud to have the best production line for the production of Roting Molding. .

In this method, unlike injectable or pneumatic methods, the polyethylene granulate first becomes micronized powder and then weighed and weighed in special molds.